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Darling Wedding Productions is the culmination of more than a decade of experience, dedication, and simply put, general butt kicking!

We’re a small group of people who pull off big events. We begin with a foundation of fantastic DJ entertainment and add to it an impressive lineup of lighting, photo booths, special effects, and a bunch more.

However—as impressive as we like to think our services are, it means nothing if it’s not what you’re looking for. The goal isn’t to brag about what we have, it’s to learn what you want. Every time we get to bring our brand to an event it’s somebody else’s once in a lifetime. We never forget that. There are numerous options when it comes to people playing music. There are fewer when it comes to professionals who are equipped to host your wedding. Even fewer still are those that love what they do to the point that you can just see it in their eyes. That’s us – we can’t believe that we get to do this for a living. Every weekend we get to provide the soundtrack and memories to events that people will remember for the rest of their lives.

There will be high fives, bro hugs, and bare feet on the dance floor! Our success is intentional! It’s no accident that we’ve earned ourselves quite a nice reputation not only from past clients, but the very best in the industry. There’s so much we have to offer—it won’t fit on this web page. Get in touch, we’ll prove it to ya!




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We see it all around us. Lighting is used by virtually every industry to accent their product. In our case, your wedding is our industry and the reception is your product!

Just as a fine restaurant sets a mood, so too can you do the same as your guests enter and ultimately dine. Likewise, just as a rock concert can energize a crowd with a beautiful light show, so too can we kick it up when it’s time to dance. From elegant to high energy, laid back to full throttle, we’re diverse enough to set the exact mood you’re looking for. There are a few different (major) categories of lighting to consider. By far, the most popular of these is our up lighting. Up lighting is the reason why the other side of this flyer is glowing in a beautiful candle light color. We will custom match the color of your choice to provide instant wow factor as your guests arrive. We can even take this a step further and allow our lights to dance with the music after dinner. You’re entire facility will be jumping with excitement! Not for you? No problem—we’ll keep it that perfect color all night. Another possibility is our dance floor lighting. Here’s where we really start to have some fun. From simple non aggressive floor color to an all out club style light show, we’ve got ya covered! Finally, our name in light monogramming gives you the chance to claim your wedding reception! As seen on this flyer, you will make a statement to your guests as they see your name in dazzling light!



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All estimates are free and flexible according to services and scheduling.



Have you ever left a photo booth and not had a smile on your face? What’s not to love!

The first thing you’ll notice about our booths are that they are beautiful to look at! We won’t stick out like a sore thumb at your event. It won’t look like a band left some gear behind. We look good! Once you step up to the booth, you’ll find that our props—from silly glasses and mustaches to boas, signs, and hats are impossible not to smile at. Top it all off with instant keepsakes for your friends and family with our eight second strip prints and you’ve got instant fun. The best get every image in a beautiful memory album. Not only that, but they’ll be a hand written message from the guest in each strip. This is a wonderful addition to your guest book. We can use our booth to help in other areas as well! From invitations to seating charts to party favors and thank yous—this one service can fill a lot of uses for your event. Again, as with all of our services—there’s simply to much to put on a web page—if you’re even still reading! Let’s chat! 



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All estimates are free and flexible according to services and scheduling.