Music is our bedrock, our foundation. Music is the primary tool we use to guide your guests on the emotional journey that is a wedding ceremony and reception.

From the first song we play to greet your first guest to the last one that leaves a packed dance floor begging for one more, we use music to accent the mood you're looking for your special event.

Music will set the tone as you walk down the aisle towards your husband. Music will help create the energy and enthusiasm as you are introduced as husband and wife. Music will accompany tears as dad dances that once in a lifetime, final dance with his little girl. And of course, perfect music selection will be remembered as the soundtrack to an amazing reception. From the formal tones of classical music to the fun and playful feel of Mowtown....all the way up to today's hottest hits, perfect music selections go far and above simply pressing play. We're crafting the soundtrack to your wedding. How cool is that?

Appropriate music at appropriate levels played at appropriate times is the only way to assure that music remains a tool to accent your event, and not simply noise. So, do we "just push play"? Not even close!


Few times in our lives will be represented, in front of our entire friends and family, by somebody other than ourselves. Your wedding is one of them!

For better or worse (see what I did there?) you and your new husband/wife will be at the complete mercy of your MC. How do we approach this? Simple-with genuine warmth and respect. This isn't the time for us to be star of the show. This isn't the time for us to go around the room and make people feel uncomfortable. Likewise, this isn't the time for us to sit down and look at our phones like we're bored. As your MC, we will conduct this event in a way that is engaging, but not overpowering. We will not intrude, yet we will not be aloof. We will keep your guests engaged in what's going on, your event flowing smoothly, and all team players aware of what's happening next. You'll know we're there, you'll enjoy a smooth event, and you won't tire of us as the night wanes on. This is your show, you're the stars- we simply do what we can to enhance that!


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