Have you ever left a photo booth and not had a smile on your face? What’s not to love!

The first thing you’ll notice about our booths are that they are beautiful to look at! We won’t stick out like a sore thumb at your event. It won’t look like a band left some gear behind. We look good! Once you step up to the booth, you’ll find that our props—from silly glasses and mustaches to boas, signs, and hats are impossible not to smile at. Top it all off with instant keepsakes for your friends and family with our eight second strip prints and you’ve got instant fun. The best get every image in a beautiful memory album. Not only that, but they’ll be a hand written message from the guest in each strip. This is a wonderful addition to your guest book. We can use our booth to help in other areas as well! From invitations to seating charts to party favors and thank yous—this one service can fill a lot of uses for your event. Again, as with all of our services—there’s simply to much to put on a web page—if you’re even still reading! Let’s chat! 

Actual "DARLING Photo Booth" Shaningans


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